Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your cat’s name?

A: Coco!  She is the cutest cat ever and likes belly rubs.


Q: Where do you stream?

A: YouTube!  My channel is linked on the Home Page on the top banner.  I currently stream every Tuesday night at 9PM EST and sometimes more on the weekends.


Q: What do you ship for the pack rips?

A: In general, I will ship the reverses/holos and above in terms of rarity.  However, I will also ship your bulk if you would like, but it MUST be requested.  If it increases shipping rates, I will communicate with you to work it out.


Q: How are orders packed?

A: All singles of value are sleeved & sealed inside of a Team Bag with a toploader to protect the cards in transit.  Team bags are labeled and placed inside of a Bubble Mailer and shipped out to you via USPS.


Q: What are your shipping options?

A: I offer PWE, BMWT, & Flat Rate USPS options.

Q: What is your shipping timeline?

A: All orders are fulfilled in order ASAP.  Some sets/products may take longer to source (1-2 weeks to arrive for harder to find sets).  If you haven’t seen an update on your order, feel free to reach out via any of the listed contact choices and I’ll give you an update on your order!

Q: Do you have any promo codes?

A: Yes!  Alongside rotating monthly promos, here’s the important one:

LIVE: Removes shipping cost & I will hold your bag.  When you want me to ship out to you, simply pay shipping on one order and everything will go out together. 

Q: Why do you have a tip button?

A: I try to list every item on the store as cheaply as I can (often times at break even for some breaks).  While the store is self-sustaining, I’m deliberating not running it with an insanely high markup.  Instead, you can use the tip option to help supplement my personal wages out of the store.  Don’t ever feel obligated to tip, but do know that it is always appreciated.


Q: What’s your favorite Pokémon?

A: Dialga, though I collect a large variety of cards and love Pikachu cards.

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